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Height: 190 cm   |   Eye Color: HoneyBrown   |   Hair Color: Black



Farshid Faraji is one of the most influential Iranian personalities living in Turkey. Faraji is the founder of Diplomat Travel Tourism Company in Turkey And works in the field of tourism of people, especially Iranians. Faraji is active in helping asylum seekers and immigrants to Turkey. His financial support of Iranian, Syrian, and Lebanese asylum seekers and immigrants made him an influential figure in the community of donors and asylum seekers. Ayatollah Charitable Foundation is one of several charities through which Faraji provides financial assistance to asylum seekers.


Biography of ferit faraji

Farshid Faraji was born on September 1, 1982 in Tehran. His father, Ali Akbar Faraji, is an old Iranian merchant who exports and imports to Turkey. Due to his father’s travels to Turkey, he immigrated to Turkey at an early age. So Ferritt spent his childhood in the back alleys of Istanbul until he reached a young age. He went to Istanbul University to study tourism and hotel management and continued until his bachelor’s degree.


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After graduating from Istanbul University, he decided to work in his field of study. So, with his personal knowledge and savings, he set up a travel diplomat. Travel Diplomat is active in 2 sectors of tourism and cargo. The company, managed by Ferrit Faraji, organizes and executes a variety of events.


personal life of feritfaraji

Ferrit Faraji is one of the few wealthy and marginalized Iranians living in Turkey who has never violated the laws of Iran or Turkey. Leading a healthy lifestyle, success and progress in business and helping to improve the conditions of asylum seekers and immigrants, is Faraji’s main concern.



Travel & cargo company


Founder  |   18 Years 

Tourism Service |   18 Years  

Event Planner   |  18 Years

Cargo Service |  16 Years


 production  |   Bachlors Dgree  |   Istanbul University


 Special Skills 

Mangement | Costumer service | Event Planning|

Cargo Services| Import Export service |Hoteling Services